Big Names, Cool Games
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The company publishes mobile games built around popular celebrities and equally popular gaming genres. The existing mobile gaming ecosystem is cluttered. One of the most effective weapons to break through the clutter is through the celebrity. The company's first four games are launching over the next 10 months. The company's first title is ShaqDown developed by HipTic Games.

ShaqDown Launch Recognition:

Shaq Sky Slam

A new extreme sport for your mobile device, brought to you by One Spear Entertainment, Crater House, and the man himself, Shaq! Get ready for the most over the top extreme sport ever created. Skydive with a basketball in hand, plunge through the stratosphere at terminal velocity, grabbing coins and diving through hoops along the way. Divebomb toward the basketball court below, lock in on your target, and slam dunk that ball! Coming soon to iOS and Android. Get ready.